Writing resolutions

4 January 2011 08:33

I love to make new year’s resolutions. I never start a year without at least some idea of things I should do better. Actually living by them has proven to be a mixed success over the past few years, though I honestly put an effort into them each time, and I have succeeded on various occasions.

There seems to be a trend among fellow writers (especially those of the unpublished variety, which includes me) to post their writing resolutions. I can certainly think of a couple of things I could do better with regard to writing, but new year’s resolutions have a reputation of being broken more often than not. So rather than just enumerate things I think I should improve on, I will instead make a list of commitments I will hold myself to as far as circumstances allow.

  • Write at least 5K words each week, unless outlining a new book.I have at least 1 hour of writing time during my daily commute, which means an average of 17 words per minute while on the train. This is doable given preparation.�Revenant Rising has about 93K words, so writing a novel of similar length should take me about 19 weeks.
  • Finish Revenant Rising. The first review is already in, containing lots of valuable feedback. My third draft should be good enough to send out for queries.
  • Finish a second and possibly a third novel. First I’ll work on a story unrelated to Revenant Rising, and after that, a sequel to Revenant Rising

What are your writing resolutions?