What to write?

12 January 2011 07:52

Last monday I blogged about the premise of my current work in progress, and earlier I blogged why I would be working on that story rather than a sequel for Revenant Rising. There’s no arguing the logic of working on my currently unnamed project - should I not be able to find an interesting party for Revenant Rising, there’s no way I’m going to find one for it’s sequel. And seeing as Revenant Rising is the first full novel I’ve ever written, I know the chances of it being accepted by an agent and a publisher are lower than they would be for, say, the fifth novel I write.

But logic isn’t what motivates my writing. The key confrontations in Revenant Rising give me chills when I read them, and even when they only existed in my head they captivated me. I kept on reliving those scenes in my head, and the same holds for the sequel to Revenant Rising, and even a possible sequel for that. None of this has happened for my current WIP, and I’m starting to doubt if writing this novel is what I should be doing.

If I do choose to discontinue the current WIP and continue writing in the Revenant Rising universe, I’ll risk having two or more novels that might never see publication through traditional channels, though I could of course try self-publishing them in that case. I write because I enjoy doing so, and if even a single person enjoys reading my books then my work will not have been in vain. Considering the feedback I’m getting from my reviewers, I’ve already succeeded at that.

So, the central question is: should I write what I enjoy, or write what I think is logical? I’m inclined to go with the first. Revenant Rising took me well over a year and a half to finish - spending that much time on a novel I don’t truly feel�passionate �about is not something I look forward to.