Novel premise

10 January 2011 08:40

For those of you keeping track of my writing resolutions: I’ve written exactly 0 words last week. I did work on the premise and outline for my next novel however, so I haven’t violated my resolutions. I’m not sure if I’ll actually finish writing this book, as this depends on how well my querying goes when I finish the third draft of Revenant Rising. If �that goes well I’ll drop everything on this project and start working on a sequel for Revenant Rising instead.

But for now, I’m working on a story that does not have a working title, but does have a proper premise:

The neighboring countries of Amahalia and Taeldan have been at war for over a century. Within 21 days, every man, woman and child in both countries will die, unless an Amahalian prince and a Taeldani warrior work together.

Contrary to Revenant Rising, I came up with the setting before I came up with the plot of this story. But when the primary focus of a setting is two conflicting nations, you are inevitably going to need to highlight both points of view. One thing I could have done was to have both sides trying to achieve a certain goal first (a fantastic treasure that could turn the tide of the war for instance), but I felt that forcing two enemies to work together would make a far more interesting story.