My next writing project

7 December 2010 07:57

With Revenant Rising currently "cooling down" (I’ve put it aside for a while so I can look at it unbiased for the next round of edits) and awaiting critique, I’m giving a lot of thought on what story I want to write next. The story I have thought about most is a direct sequel to Revenant Rising, taking place some 30 years later. But as much as I want to write that story, it makes no practical sense to start writing it now, for the following reasons:

  • Revenant Rising isn’t final yet, and I cannot predict what changes I may yet make to it’s story. Any event in Revenant Rising possibly affects the sequel
  • While I am confident �there is an audience for Revenant Rising, finding an agent who agrees might be a bit problematic. The story I have in mind does have it’s own merit, but a lot of the impact of the story is lost without the history of Forbidden Lands. It really is a sequel, and much of the story’s impact is lost without Revenant Rising introducing things

As such, I’ll most likely be working on an entirely different book in the mean time, one set in a different world altogether (though the genre will still be fantasy, albeit somewhat darker than Revenant Rising). The proper way of starting a story is to first figure out a premise. As is usually the case, I’m not doing things in proper order, so I already have a setting for the story, a few potential characters and lots of potential for conflict, but no idea where I’m going to go with this. I’ll figure it out soon enough though.

When I started writing Revenant Rising I had a proper outline, but no idea about conventional story structure. With the wealth of information available on the internet, such as Alexandra Sokoloff’s blog and many fine articles by Lydia Sharp about story structure, I’m sure I can improve a thing or two in my next book.