Proofreading drafts are in

14 December 2010 07:15

While recovering from the world’s nastiest migraine yesterday, one of my co-workers sent me a message that a package had arrived from the United States. While I was expecting a number of packages, only one of them could have been sent from the US: my proofreading drafts. As I discussed in an earlier blog post, I’ve enlisted the help of a number of co-workers for proofreading purposes. I know I can trust them to not sugarcoat their critique like family often would (though my coworkers are by no means a pack of rabid dogs who will tear my novel to shreds - or so I hope), so this should give me some valuable feedback on the story. I’ve already handed out the first copies, so the first feedback should come some time after the holiday season. To assist in this feedback, I’ve given each reviewer a list of questions to help them build constructive criticism. I intend to ask them the following questions:

  • Did you find any grammatical or spelling errors?
  • Did you enjoy the story?
  • Did the characters feel believable?
  • Did you, at any point, feel the story was going too fast or too slow?
  • Were all plots and subplots properly resolved? If not, which part of the story was not properly resolved?
  • Did you, at any point, feel the situation was not adequately described?
  • The two main characters spend quite some time travelling together, and as a result, talking. Were their conversations believable?
  • Were the story’s antagonists believable?

With these questions, I’m hoping the feedback will prove valuable. Do you know of any additional questions I should ask?