The Revenant Rising revision battle plan

30 November 2010 08:10

Yesterday I read an interesting guest article on the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog in which literary agent Regina Brooks describes�the publishing process at a glance. According to her 25 step process, I’ve just completed step 2, which gives me the feeling that I still have a long way to go before my book will be found in print (the fact that many of the steps involve a publisher and an agent but not the author makes it a bit less daunting). But, I’ve decided not to let this bother me, and proceed with the next step. Which is getting a critique.

So far, parts of Revenant Rising have been read by family members. This has given me some valuable feedback, but I’ve seen enough talent shows to know that family is biased in this regard. If I truly want to improve the story, I need some brutally honest feedback from other sources. Fortunately, I have a few volunteers for that task.

To achieve this critique, I’m going to print a couple of test drafts of the novel using a self-publishing service such as Lulu. I won’t actually be doing any self-publishing, just print a few drafts for personal use. I will hand out these copies to my volunteers, who will hopefully have some valuable input on the story. Once this is processed and I have my third draft ready, I’ll go agent hunting.