Novel: Revenant Rising

1 November 2010 14:16

In a world where childbirths are becoming increasingly rare, Lianna, a young pregnant woman becomes entangled in a stranger’s quest to prevent an apocalypse he has already lived through. Pursued by a man who feeds on the life of others, the only way to reach their goal is through a land none have survived for a thousand years.

** Warning: the next fragment contains spoilers ** For the past fifty years, the number of childbirths has been steadily declining in the village of Rennick. When Lianna unexpectedly becomes pregnant by the son of the local blacksmith, Dreyan, this causes a bit of a stir among those involved with the discovery. The arrival of a pair of strangers further complicates matters. An encounter between Lianna and the first stranger, Brenor, reveals that Lianna has the Gift of the Destroyer and can command the elements of nature. Brenor is wounded, and being hunted by the second stranger, a man named Skayd who feeds off the life force of others. When Skayd kills Dreyan after he refuses to tell the location of Brenor, Lianna decides to flee Rennick together with Brenor, only to learn he intends to venture into the Forbidden Lands, a stretch of land from which no man has returned for a thousand years.

With the promise of helping her master her Destroyer gift, they enter the Forbidden Lands with Skayd in close pursuit. Their goal is to find a man in the Forbidden Lands with whom Brenor has a score to settle. Initially believing his goal to simply be revenge for a lost love, Lianna learns the truth about Brenor through a prophetic dream: Brenor has already seen the entire world die because of this man, who will one day be known as the Revenant, and only through the sacrifice of the world’s most powerful Destroyer has he been able to travel back in time to stop him.

As Lianna slowly comes to terms with the loss of her loved one and the fact that her child will grow up without her father, she must face the dangers of the Forbidden Lands while evading the merciless hunter Skayd to prevent the future Brenor has already lived through.

Revenant Rising is currently undergoing rewrites. Artwork by Marijn Hoek (site in Dutch)